Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Little Piggy

Today was my 10 week ultrasound and my last day with the fertility Doc. I graduated. Healthy baby...all looks good! It was bittersweet...I love this Doc and I feel very attached to him. He did say he would come to see us in the hospital and that I need to come visit and show off my bump to him. I will. He gave us a bib and a blanket for the baby he helped create. Wonderful man! My baby is measuring to be a little ahead..2 days. I hope its not all the pickle and cheese sandwiches I have been eating! I have had some occasional bouts of morning sickness, a little puke and nausea but nothing too serious. I am more than tired! Some days, I can't get out of bed! It doesn't help that I pee every 2 hours during the night! I wouldn't say that I have actual cravings, its more like if I eat anything else but these foods I will get sick. The idea of chicken and meats make me gag. I want citrus..any kind! Virgin bloody marys, totinos frozen pizza, greek yogurt, mexican hot chocolate, starbursts, watermelon, pickle and cheese sandwiches, decaf iced coffee, apples, and string beans with teriyaki sauce. What I want so badly but I cant have are kosher hot dogs and sandwiches with lunch meats, especially salami! I can't comfortably wear my jeans anymore and if I do, I need to put on a belly band. TMI warning...My husband had to shave "me" the other day because I can't see my vajayjay with my huge boobs anymore! I like to keep it clean for the Doc ;) Although we are allowed to have sex, we haven't. We are both a little scared. But, we talk about it a lot and I have sex dreams often.

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